February 2013

Q&A With Shearman's Fred Sosnick

The attorney in my field who has most impressed me as a lawyer is Ronald DeKoven [of DeKoven Chambers]. Ron is a U.S.-trained restructuring lawyer who, when he was in the United States, led engagements in some of the most significant insolvencies and workouts in the U.S. and around the world.What impresses me most, however, is that after briefly leaving the practice to work on an Internet claims trading platform in the early 2000s (an idea that proved to be before its time, as it continues actively to be considered in some form by a variety of different market participants), he decided to expand his international practice by practicing law in the United Kingdom. Never one to settle for taking the easy way out, Ron was determined to become a full-fledged barrister. Remarkably, he was able to achieve that feat, making him a dual-qualified attorney who can advise and appear in courts in both jurisdictions...

January 2013 Counsel Magazine

Profile: What have been some of the highlights of your career?

Several matters that I was instructed on in the ‘90s (acting for the liquidators of BBCI, acting for the administrators of KWELM, acting for Equitas and the Society of Lloyd’s of London, and acting for the administrators of Barings) were very important to my career at Shearman & Sterling and in creating expertise in cross border insolvency. In addition these matters provided a foundation for my decision to leave New York City and emigrate to London in 2003. In the course of doing that work I met a number of members of the Bar...

December 2012 The Barrister

Is Direct Access about to take off at last?

myBARRISTER is an online matchmaking service between clients and barristers. It is a portal on which barristers can present their skills to the world, and where the world, in turn, can find the exact legal expert they need. The business is the brainchild of Ronald DeKoven, formerly senior partner at Shearman & Sterling in New York, who then practised at South Square and who now has his own chambers at Lincoln’s Inn. One of the world’s foremost litigators, he’s put together a team of professionals including ex-senior executives of chambers and leading marketing and branding experts.